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How to take care of the orchids



In the language of flowers, the orchid is associated with love and sensuality: it can be the perfect gift for a declaration. Before giving one to the person of your heart, however, you will have to find out how to take care of it best. These plants with great charm require dedication and care, but they will fill you with satisfaction every time they flourish.

We recommend, for the domestic situation, to prefer a butterfly orchid: this is in fact the type that best suits the interior of the house.

First of all choose a sunny area facing south, where the plant will be able to enjoy direct light rays. In case the leaves of your orchid become yellow or curl up on the exposed side, probably the cause will be in the lack of light. To water your orchids, choose a spray diffuser and a fresh water with a neutral or acidic pH. Tap water is not recommended.

If the leaves should grow uniformly yellowed, the motivation could lead back to limestone, to resolve the situation change the latter and make use of some vial of iron fertilizer.

Too much watering could cause the weakening of the root system, we recommend choosing a vase with a single hole. An interesting idea is that of the transparent container that will allow the roots to grow strong and healthy, delighting also with the typical interweaving of this beautiful plant. When one of the flowers will fade it is preferable to avoid cutting it: it will fall naturally, but if you had to intervene directly on the stem, the ideal would be a sterilized blade. Also cover with the moss the part of the plant under the collar could help to maintain the right levels of humidity without detracting from the aesthetic side. By following these simple tips you will know how to grow your orchid better, in case of doubt we invite you to contact us for specific advice.

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