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Green Advice

About Green Advice

Through the accurate analysis of the multiple environmental situations he stumbles across, Michele Agrothecnical will advice you with professionalism and competence on the best solutions for your green needs. With more than 20 years of experience within parks and gardens, agrotechnical studies and public or private works, this professional gardner stands for accuracy, attention and respect for the environment. Arboreal health problems, help to choose the right ornamental plants for your green spaces and with an eye on modern design, Michele will offer you the best solutions in garden creation and care.

The Agrotechnic today

The agrotechnical profession is regulated by the law of June 6, 1986 n.251 as amended by law March 9, 1991 n.91.

The professional title of Agrotecnico and Agrotecnico graduate is a title that has European significance in all respects, according to the Directive 2005/36 / EC

Main skills of the Agrotechnic

The skills of members of the Professional Register of Agrotechnic and Agrotechnic graduates are extensive and include: the design of land, agricultural and forestry improvements and forestry activities, environmental impact assessments, estimates and appraisals of land and buildings both rural that of civil habitation, the damage damages hail, the phytoiatric advice; consultancy in all areas of the company, management, maintenance and design of green areas and the assessment of plant stability. The skills also cover the ornamental and forest areas.


Endotherapy & Hydroseeding And Green Care