About Endotherapy

The innovative technique of treating ornamental tree plants is called endotherapy. This zero impact method starts with a diagnosis of the pathogen of the leaves. Secondly some micro-holes are made at the height of the trunk to proceed with the "injections", thanks to a particular pressure machine, directly inside the lymphatic system of the plant. Particularly effective against parasitic and fungal diseases, this is a safe and effective intervention that can be made even in presence of people and indipendently from the climatic conditions. Michele Agrotechnical with his professionalism, speed and competence will know how to find the best care for your plants avoiding wastes of time and inadequate products.

Endotherapy, treatment in a private environment

This type of treatment is carried out by micropores to the trunk of the plants and is often used to treat fungal and insect diseases. It is also used to stimulate the plant cellure level in order to promote self-defense of the plant. One of its advantages is that it does not dispose of any product and the safety of not breathing any chemical damage to our health.Intervention that respects pollinating insects Long-term intervention from a few months to two years Possible to treat particular pathologies and in any weather conditions

Endotherapy, prevention in public place

This technique complies with the current regulations regarding trunk injections dated 2014 from the BITE system.


Endotherapy & Hydroseeding And Green Care