Garden Desing

For an optimal realization of a garden, the surrounding environment becomes fundamental. In fact, there are many variables to consider

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The innovative technique of treating ornamental tree plants is called endotherapy. This method with zero environmental impact

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Renewable among the new technologies of the best gardeners, the hydroseeding is the perfect solution to get a turf in any position

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Green Advice

Through the careful analysis of multiple environmental situations, Michele will be able to advise you with professionalism and competence the best solutions

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The choice of the right fertilizer is essential for the correct and vigorous growth of the garden. In addition to the advices about the creation of your green spaces,

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Phytosanitary Treatments

Antiparasitic and phytosanitary treatments for gardens include a wide range of organic and synthetic substances. They allow a correct development and maintenance of the green area

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Irrigation System

For the correct and luxuriant growth of the green a proven and last generation irrigation system is essential. Through the installation of control units humidity sensors, automatic devices, sprinklers

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Garden Maintenace

Taking care of public or private green areas, Michele Agrotechnical intervenes with precision in the periodic maintenance of parks and gardens. Pruning of hedges and trees

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Endotherapy & Hydroseeding And Green Care